Short Term Goals For 2023

When new goals come to your mind, you think of goals you work on throughout the year. Although many of our goals may be like this and are essential, short-term goals are typically pushed to the side. Our lives should have many long-term goals, yet having short-term goals enables you to work on yourself better and ultimately assist you in reaching your most important ones. Consider just a few short-term goals that you can incorporate into 2023!

Reading Financial Books

What better way to start a new year than to begin a reading list? Now you may be thinking, ‘I’m not a reader’. Many may feel the same way as you and not particularly enjoy reading. Yet the trick is to find the right book and create the proper schedule. The most crucial factor is to find a book writing style you enjoy. You should be looking for relevant financial topics that suit your needs. For example, if you want to improve your savings, try searching for books that dive into savings. You may find a book that you enjoy, along with the author. Finding numerous other books the same author has written can help you read, especially if you want their writing style. When reading a financial book, you should take a pace that is best for you. Although some people can speed read through books, it may be unrealistic to grasp all the information thoroughly. Start with one book and write down how long it took you to read through it. With this timeline in mind, you can create a schedule for your following few books. By reading financial books, you are not only widening your knowledge but also improving so many of your cognitive and mental aspects.

Create Multiple Income Streams

Are you considering turning your skills into a side hustle? This is a great way to expand your career experience and make some extra income. You may be wondering how you can do so. You must first know what skill you want to become your new income stream. If you are great with technology, why consider assisting people using their devices, technological repairs, or creating a web design for companies? If you are great with numbers and templates, why not get into doing taxes or other financial paperwork for others? Having a part-time income stream can be different from a second job. You may already be busy with a full-time job, so the last thing you want is to be burnt out. Start by setting a lower period of time to work on your stream. If you enjoy it and are benefiting financially, consider if you could increase the amount you put towards it. Having a goal of having another income stream will help you in opening your career opportunities and help you to increase your financial wealth.

Plan For Fun

Most short-term goals can include paying off their credit cards or debt. Although these are critical goals, some areas should be focused on too. We as a society spend so much time focusing on our debts that we sometimes forget to plan for the enjoyable times in our lives. This can include trips, events, and family plans. If you want to do some fun activities with your family, then planning will make it that much more possible and enjoyable. When you start saving right away and have a plan you will need for each trip and event; then you have an end goal to work towards. Having a plan in place will also make your travels much more possible since you know you will have the funds to do so. Some families make the mistake of using the rest of their leftover savings for a trip. This is foolish since you cannot aimlessly guess that your leftovers will be sufficient to cover all the costs. This year, try making goals to save for your financial responsibilities and the enjoyable plans you have in mind.

These are some diverse goals that we all should be incorporating this year. By applying these or many other short-term goals, you can expect to have a great year!


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