Planning Your Finances: Self Employed

August 18th, 2022

There certainly can be some significant advantages to being self-employed. Yet it is essential to plan your finances out accordingly. This will ensure the welfare of your finances and how you manage them. Although you may believe you are handling them well, there are always areas for improvement. Consider the following tips on planning your […]

Re-Building Your Credit After Divorce

August 11th, 2022

A divorce can be a very stressful event for anyone. There are many complicating factors involved, especially when it comes to your finances. In addition, a divorce can have negative aspects when it comes to your credit. Although your credit can and will be affected, there are ways that you can bring it up and […]

Financial Habits to Adopt

August 4th, 2022

We all have financial practices that we implement in our day to day lives. If you are trying to improve your financial routine, then alerting your current financial habits and adopting new ones can certainly help. Budgeting in Advance It is fairly common to have a budget, yet many people do not budget in advance. […]

Creating a Family Budget

July 28th, 2022

We all have some kind of individual budgets for our income and expenses. Yet many overlook having a budget for their family. You can be financially safe without one, yet a budget will ensure that you keep your finances in check. Organizing into Categories Creating a family budget needs to include all financial aspects. To […]

Excel: The Tool For Handling Your Finances

July 19th, 2022

Are you familiar with Excel? If you have briefly heard of it, then you may know that it is a spreadsheet program. Excel was created by Microsoft and it is part of their office program. Excel can be used for organizing data or calculating large sums. This software can be used in so many areas […]