8 Ways to Make Money Digitally

Whether you need extra money to pay off debt or put more towards your savings, you may not necessarily need to get a second job. There are many ways to make money right off of your phone. Consider 8 ways that you can make money right now on your device!

Selling Unused Items

This is a popular method that people do to make extra money. There are many websites and apps, such as Poshmark, VarageSale, and even Facebook Marketplace, where you can list any items you want. This can include clothing, books, kitchenware, tools, or regular household items. When someone is interested in one of your listed items, they can come to pick it up from your house. You even have the option whether you want the money to be in cash or e-transferred.

Watching Videos

Some websites pay people to watch their videos. These can range from short ads to few-minute videos. Some trending companies include Fronto and Swagbucks, which offer numerous videos to watch. It is estimated that you can earn anywhere between $100-$200 a month if you watch a certain amount of videos.

Fill Out Surveys

This is another simple tactic that can be done digitally. There are thousands of surveys, ranging from topic to time range. Some surveys range from 5 minutes, yet they can typically go up to 15 minutes or longer. Two standard survey websites are InboxDollars and SurveyMonkey. Both websites are secure, so all the information you provide will remain safe. Depending on how many surveys and how often you fill them out, you can earn anywhere from a few dollars to $500 a month. This certainly can be one of the highest paying ways that you can digitally make money.

Take Photos

Do you enjoy taking pictures? If so, this may be the perfect way to earn money on your phone. There are numerous websites, such as Foap, where you can create a profile and list your photos for a specific price. These photos can range from landscapes to portraits. Many businesses look for images that they can use for their company. By having dozens of photos listed with all sorts of objects, you can receive quite a bit of money very quickly.

Earning Game Rewards

Did you know that you can earn money by playing games? Many mobile games offer a rewards system. Every game has a different system or points score, so finding a game that works for you is essential. Some examples of games include Solitaire, Pool, or Bingo. The more you play and win, the more points you will gain. The points that you win can either be turned into actual money through Pay Pal, or you can receive gift cards. This can be a practical way to make money, especially if you enjoy playing games in your free time.

Paid to Walk

Getting paid to walk may be just the thing to motivate you to stick to your exercise plan. Similar to the previous tactic, various walking apps provide different point values. One of the most popular walking sites, Sweatcoin, offers you sweat coins for every step you take. These coins can be converted to real money or traded for other services.

Receipt Rebates

Stop throwing out your receipts and start earning money. You may quickly throw out your receipt after a shopping trip, or you may not even take the receipt. This could be you unintentionally throwing out money. Some data websites want to see consumers’ bills. One app, NCP, will reward you with convertible money points when you send in your receipts. This can include your grocery, clothing, or even appointment receipts. Of course, for safety reasons, double-check with their guidelines on what types of receipts to avoid submitting, such as medical or credit receipts.

Writing Reviews

One common money maker that we can forget to do is write reviews. Whether you had a good experience with a service or you enjoyed your product from Amazon, there are many benefits to writing reviews. When it comes to Amazon reviews, you typically will only be allowed to write a review if you have purchased a specific product. After you write your review, the company will generally reach out to you and offer you a discount for your next purchase or even send you another one of their products to test. Another example is Google, which through second-hand websites, will pay you for your honest reviews for service.

There are a variety of ways that you can earn more money right now on your phone. So instead of stressing about working two jobs, you now know how possible it is to make just as much digitally.


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